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2017-2018 Select Coach Application

Contact Information
For example: Coached 3 years in Rec league, played High School Soccer, coached 5 years of Club, etc.

AYSO requires all coaches to be certified at the age level they wish to coach.

What is the highest level of "formal" Soccer Coaching Certification you have achieved? (List highest Club license level in comments section below)? *Note - This question is specifically asking for "official" coaching certifications which are given for taking either online coaching courses and/or formal classroom training and is documented in your AYSO or Club record.

The MDSA Select Program is fully aligned with each of the AYSO philosophies and the coach is expected to support them while working with the players, parents, referees, and other teams.

The program begins with training sessions in the evenings the first week of December (traditionally at Willow Pass Park one weeknight under the lights). Matches scheduled by the Area typically start the first Saturday in January and additional matches are scheduled every Saturday from January to March or early April ending with the Select Area Tournament in mid to late March or early April.

Neither scores nor rankings are tracked as all games are intended to serve towards the development of the players and teams in preparation for tournament play. Many coaches schedule supplemental "scrimmages" with teams in their divisions from other regions most Saturdays thus resulting in most teams playing two matches on Saturdays. Coaches should expect to travel to other venues such as Davis, Stockton, Antelope, Pleasant Hill, and potentially other regions.

After the Select Area Tournament you will participate in AYSO soccer tournaments that run between April and June. The Select coaches are expected to take their teams to at least three (3) tournaments minimum. It is not uncommon for Select teams to attend 4 to 6 sometimes 5 tournaments over the course of the Select season depending on parent and coach preferences.

Coaching a Select Team is a serious commitment. In making the final coach choice the MDSA Select Committee not only takes into account the information you provided on this application but will also consider your coaching "style and methods" during the Fall and/or Spring programs as well as your general demeanor and how you manage the touch-lines, interact with the kids, parents and referees.

In the end the Select Program is a development program for MDSA Fall players who want to play the game at a higher competitive level. We are looking for experienced coaches that not only know how to coach technically but know how to bring out the best in their players, parents, and themselves and make the Select Program a great experience for all.