The latest referee World Cup points report has been released and is available on the link below:

MDSA World Cup Referee Points Update as of Sep 27

Yellow cells mean we don’t have a referee volunteer listed for the team so please correct this if that is inaccurate on the volunteer sheet.

A few more teams achieved qualification this week!  Shout out to Ryan Guertin and Mike Butticci for leading the way!

Please review the report for accuracy and troubleshoot the following before emailing

  1. Ensure referee names on volunteer sheet match inLeague registered name EXACTLY.  We are trying to fix things we see behind the scenes as best we can.
  2. Allocate your points to your team in inLeague (including up to 4 gifted points from other referees at that age group) – and keep in mind that the points can only be allocated to teams in the same age group or lower.  For example a 7u match can’t be allocated to a 10u team.  A 10u match CAN NOT be allocated to a 14u team.  A 14u match CAN be allocated to a 10u team.
  3. Email refadmin to claim points for interleague away matches and bonus points for new referee doing first CR at same age level as team

As a reminder, 16 points need to be earned by each team by mid day on Oct 22 in order to qualify for World Cup knockout rounds (10 / 12u) or Area Cup (14 / 19u)

World Cup Page (rules, etc)

Referee Point Policy

REFEREES – Please make sure you allocate your points ASAP!

Email refadmin with any questions and we will do our best to answer them.  Thanks for volunteering!

Scott G

MDSA Referee Administrator