AYSO Positive Coaching

Practice (Training Session): Twice per week for one hour each

The Field: The field size for 10U games is 65 yards long, 45 yards wide (max).

The Markings:
 Halfway line – the width of the field, marked equidistant between the goal lines.
 Center circle – with an eight-yard radius in the center of the field.
 Corner arcs – with a one-yard radius at each corner of the field.
 Goal area – in front of each goal measuring 4 x 8 yards.
 Penalty area – in front of each goal measuring 12 x 24 yards.
 Penalty mark – ten yards from the goal line.
 Penalty arc – extending in an eight-yard radius from the penalty mark.
 Build-out line – placed across the field equidistant between the top of the penalty area and the halfway

The Goals: Maximum six and a half feet high and eighteen feet wide.

The Ball: Size 4

The Players:

  • There will be seven per team on field; one of which is a goalkeeper. Ten maximum on roster.
  • Substitutions are between periods, at halftime and for injuries.
  • There will be a minimum of two periods per game and no player should play four periods until everyone has played three. The players will be separated by girls and boys teams at all levels of play.
  • The goalkeeper is not allowed to punt the ball.
  • No players are allowed to head the ball.

Player Equipment:

  • Shoes and shin guards, covered by socks, are mandatory at all practice and game activities.
  • Soccer shoes, tennis shoes, or similar type athletic shoes are recommended. The type and condition of
    cleated shoes may be inspected for safety prior to use.

Duration of Game: Four 12.5-minute periods. Halftime break of 5 -10 minutes

Coach Techniques:
 Instep Kicking
 Dribbling
 Throw-In
 Inside of the foot-push pass
 Inside of the foot-ball control
 Tackling – Front Block (NOT slide tackling)

 What is in and out of play
 Corner kick
 Goal kick
 Penalty kick
 Don’t kick or trip others
 Don’t hold or push others
 No handling of the ball

Objectives of the Game:

  • Score
  • Prevent Scoring
  • Maintain Possession
  • Regain Possession
  • Advance the Ball
  • Delay the Opponent

Principles of Play:

  • Penetration
  • Delay
  • Support
  • Cover
  • Width
  • Compactness
  • Mobility & Balance


10U Online Training Course, Safe Haven and Concussion Training: http://www.aysou.org

The Start of Play: The game should be started with a kick-off in the middle of the field. Coaches determine
which team starts the game with a coin flip and the opposing team starts the second half. Opponents must be
eight yards from the center mark while kick-off is in progress.

Fouls & Misconduct: Opponents must be eight yards from the ball on restart kicks. Referees will work
cooperatively with the coaches and eliminate the need for cautions and send-offs.
Referee: AYSO certified Regional Referees or higher are required for 10U and older games. The referee
should briefly explain any infringement to the player(s) and encourage proper play and sporting behavior. As
with all games, every effort should be made to keep the game moving and free from stoppages for doubtful
infractions. Let them play and enjoy.

Assistant Referees/Club Linesmen: If available, qualified assistant referees who have completed Assistant
Referee Certification may be used to assist the referee. This is an opportunity for new assistant referees to begin
getting experience. If qualified assistant referees are not available, Club Linesmen (untrained volunteers who
may be affiliated with one of the teams/clubs) may be recruited from the spectators to assist the referee with
calling the ball in and out of play only. This is an opportunity for parents to get involved.