Practices (Training Session): One hour 

Warm-Up & Stretch: 10 minutes 

Introducing a Technique: 15 minutes 

Skill-Based Training Game: 20 minutes Activities and games that utilize the skills being taught are the most effective ways for players to improve their skills. Attempt to utilize at least two different activities  or games. 

Scrimmage: 15 minutes (A scrimmage is a friendly game between two halves of your own team.)

Players: Four per team on the field; no goalkeepers. No players are allowed to head the ball. 

Equipment: Shirt, Shoes (can be tennis shoes or cleats), shin guards, socks that cover the shin guards completely, water. Size 3 ball 



Instep Kicking 


Inside of the foot-push pass 

Inside of the foot-ball control 


What is in and out of play 

Corner kick 

Goal kick 

Don’t kick or trip others 

Don’t hold or push others 

No handling of the ball 

Objectives of the Game 

Attacking Objectives  Defending Objectives
Score  Prevent Scoring
Maintain Possession  Regain Possession


Principles of Play 

Attacking Principles  Defending Principles
Penetration  Delay
Support  Cover
Width  Compactness


8U Online Training Course, Safe Haven and Concussion Training:

Duration of Game: Four 10-minute periods. Halftime break of five to ten minutes. 

There will be Four per team on field; no goalkeepers. Six maximum on roster. 

Substitutions are between periods, at halftime and for injuries. The players will be separated by girls and boys teams at all levels of play. Playing time is a minimum of two periods per game and no player should play four periods until everyone has played three. Separate girls and boys teams should be promoted at all levels of play. 

The Start of Play: The game should be started with a kick-off in the middle of the field. 

The Kick-off: A coin toss is used to determine which team kicks off to start the game and the other team kicks  off to start the second half. Opponents must be six yards from the center mark while kick-off is in progress. 

Method of Scoring: See 8U Coaching Manual. 

8U Officials: AYSO certified 8U Officials or higher are required for 8U games. The 8U Official should briefly  explain any infringements to the player(s) and encourage proper play and sporting behavior. As with all games,  every effort should be made to keep the game moving and free from stoppages for doubtful infractions. Let  them play and enjoy. 

Fouls & Misconduct: The coaches will assess direct free kicks for all fouls, with the opponents six yards away  from the ball. 

Direct free kicks for all fouls, with the opponents six yards away from the ball. Free kicks are awarded the attacking team inside the defending team’s goal area should be taken from the nearest point on the goal area line in front of the goal. There are no penalty kicks. Referees will work cooperatively with the coaches and eliminate the need for cautions and send-offs. Do not show yellow or red cards 

Assistant Referees/Club Linesmen: If available, qualified assistant referees who have completed Assistant  Referee Certification may be used to assist the referee. This is an opportunity for new assistant referees to begin  getting experience. If qualified assistant referees are not available, Club Linesmen (untrained volunteers who  may be affiliated with one of the teams/clubs) may be recruited from the spectators to assist the referee with  calling the ball in and out of play only. This is an opportunity for parents to get involved.