It’s shaping up to be another great weekend on the pitch. 10U and above teams are doing pretty well with only 3 games with no referee coverage.  Let’s sign up for those games so the kids and coaches know they can play tomorrow.  There are still lots of opportunities to pick up another game or two as an AR.  Full crews are always best, and our players deserve the best we can deliver.

7/8U team referees still have some work to do.  16 games currently without a referee!  We can do better.

If you are a team referee listed on the volunteer log and cannot sign up for your teams game because the referee or AR positions show a pending assignment on InLeague, let me know and I will assign you to your game.

We are getting close to the start of World Cup, but there are plenty of opportunities to earn the points that your team needs.  Check the current points report on the website.

There are still eleven 10U or above teams that have no or only one team referee listed on the volunteer log.   If your team is not getting credit for your hard work,

  1. Make sure you are allocating your points to the correct team(s)
  2. Verify that your coach has added you to the team volunteer log; must be entered EXACTLY as your name appears on InLeague.
  3. Read the referee points guidelines.  Are you in compliance?

Take action to correct any issues in these 3 areas and you will be back on track.  If you have verified these 3 areas and your team is still not getting credit for your games, contact ref admin and we will help correct any issues.

The last chance to complete your Regional Referee Training this season is Sunday, 9 AM at Newhall Park.  Sign up for the in-person class on AYSO U and make sure you complete the work needed before you arrive.

Have a great weekend on the pitch with the kids!