Cal North Soccer Leagues


MDSA have 17 teams competing across 8 age groups this season.  Our teams compete in the CalNorth CCSL Coast Section/Bay Region.

To view all MDSA team rankings and latest results visit the GotSoccer Mt Diablo Soccer team page.

For individual team results and upcoming schedule click on the team name below to access GotSoccer.

Age Team Name Gender
U11 Storm 09B Boys
U11 Fire 09B Boys
U11 Fierce 09G Girls
U12 Legends 08B Boys
U12 Blaze 08G Girls
U13 Strikers 07B Boys
U13 Spitfire-X 07B Boys
U13 Legends 07G Girls
U14 Chelsea X 06 Boys
U14 United 06G Girls
U15 AC Milan 05B Boys
U15 Fusion 05G Girls
U16 Arsenal 04B Boys
U16 Phoenix 04G Girls
U18 Diablos 02B Boys
U19 Heat 01G Girls