These rules are for the 2021 Mt. Diablo World Cup and may differ from previous years.  Please take note of the revised points system in use for this year.

  • All players must have registered for and played during the current fall AYSO season.
  • All players must be listed on a roster signed by the Regional Commissioner.
  • Each player must play a minimum 3 quarters of each game (unless total number of players prohibits this).
  • Division format:

Age Max Roster Game Minimum To Play
10U 10 7v7 5
12U 12 9v9 6
14U 15 11v11 7

  • Only AYSO registered and approved coaches are allowed to coach from the Coaches Area, an area ten yards from either side of the halfway line.
  • Opposing team coaches (plus parents and other associated spectators) should be on different sides of the field where possible.
  • The team designated as the home team chooses their side of the field.
  • If there is a conflict in the color of the uniforms, the home team must change jersey color or wear pinafores.
  • All teams must wear uniforms that meet Mt. Diablo Soccer requirements. Team members must wear a matching uniform consisting of a jersey, shorts, and socks. Uniform shall be properly marked with the AYSO logo. No AYSO uniform may bear a player name, team name, league name, program name, or inappropriate sponsor name.
  • Players must wear shin guards that are completely covered by socks. Players cannot wear anything that is dangerous to themselves or other players.  Ear rings are strictly prohibited, taping of ear rings is unacceptable; they must be removed completely to play.
  • Team check in will be done by each opposing team 10-15 minutes before game time; referees will check off players from game card.
  • Coaches must notify the referee when players are expected to arrive late or leave early due to other commitments.
  • It is the responsibility of the teams with the first and last game of the day to ensure equipment set up/take down.
  • Coaches shall participate in positive coaching that instructs and encourages players during the games.
  • Negative or derogatory comments are not permitted and may result in a caution or dismissal of the coach.
  • Coaches should remember that they are responsible for the actions of their players, parents and spectators.
  • Coaches must bring Game Cards for their team to each World Cup game. Preprinted game cards can be printed from inLeague: Team Rosters > Select Team > Select Roster Function “Official AYSO Line-Up Cards”
  • After each game, each coach must sign the appropriate game card and leave it with the referee. Each coach is responsible for reporting the score of their game (i.e. Germany 3 – Senegal 2; or France 1-Costa Rica 1 etc.) via the MDSA website.
  • Referees and assistant referees will be assigned from teams not involved in the game being played when possible.
  • Referees must record on the official game card any incidents resulting in disciplinary action and email World Cup to report any disciplinary action (red cards and/or coach expulsion).
  • Team referees must officiate a number of games equal to the number of matches the team plays in the tournament.
  • Referees will perform equipment check 15 minutes prior to each game.
  • At the end of each game referee will keep all game cards.

All pool play, elimination, and quarter final games for all Divisions (10U, 12U, 14U):
· Five minute halftime break (and a one minute running break between quarters for substitutions only).
· No Extra time
· For elimination and quarterfinals, see “ELIMINATION AND QUARTERFINAL GAME TIEBREAKER”

Duration of halves:

Division Pool/Elim Quarters Semis & Final Final
10U 20 mins 25 mins 25 mins 25 mins
12U 20 mins 30 mins 30 mins 30 mins
14U 30 mins 30 mins 35 mins 35 mins

  • In each age group, teams will be divided into brackets, and play a number of round-robin games in their bracket.
  • All teams will progress into elimination play. Seeding for elimination games will be based on how teams fare in preliminary games. MDSA may adjust seeding to try to avoid rematches in the elimination rounds.
  • Scoring. Points will be awarded as follows:
    • 3 points: Win
    • 3 points: Game forfeit by opponent
    • 1 point: Draw (Tie)
    • 0 points: Loss
    • 1.5 points: Bye
    • -1 point: win by 8 or more goals
    • -2 points: not meeting minimum playing time requirements
    • -1 point: for each red card issued to a player or coach

If there is a tie in points following group games, the following tiebreakers will be used in sequence until a winner is determined:
1. Head-to-head (how teams played against each other).
2. Fewest goals scored against.
3. Goal Difference (goals scored minus goals conceded) – maximum 6 goals per game

4. Goals scored – maximum 6 goals per game

5. Coin toss conducted by Tournament Coordinator.

  • Any player or coach accumulating two yellow cards during tournament play is suspended from the team’s next game, with the exception of final (championship) game where no player or coach can be suspended for yellow cards.
  • Any player or coach receiving a red card, dismissal or ejection is suspended from the next game, including final (championship) game.
  • Tournament Director will review all red cards and expulsions and may render additional discipline.
  • If a game cannot be played due to the lack of a referee, it will count as double forfeit with 0 points per side and minus 6 goal differential for each team.
  • Game results and standings will be available online.
  • Teams must accumulate a minimum of 16 referee points by end of pool play games in order to be eligible to proceed to elimination round play which begins 1pm on 10/23/21.
  • Teams are not reseeded to account for teams who do not meet points qualification. Disqualified teams forfeit their next scheduled knockout game.

Elimination and quarterfinal games that are tied at the end of regulation time are decided by kicks from the penalty mark. Best of 5 penalty kicks will determine the winner. If still tied at the end of 5 penalty kicks, penalty kicks will continue with sudden death rounds until a winner is determined.


Semi-final, final (championship) and consolation games that are tied at the end of regulation time continue with 2 x 5 minutes periods of extra time. If the game is still tied at the end of extra time the game will be decided by kicks from the penalty mark.


If the score is tied at the end of regulation or overtime, the match will proceed to kicks  from the mark. For the Mt. Diablo World Cup, there are some modifications to the FIFA  procedure of which you must be aware: 

  • The coaches may choose the 1st 5 kickers from their entire roster, not just the players  who were on the field at the time regulation play (or overtime, if applicable) ended.  A player must have actually played in the match to be eligible. A player who was sent off during the match cannot take a kick.
  • A kicker may only take a 2nd kick after every eligible player on the roster (including  the goal keeper) has taken a kick.
  • A player who was removed from the match due to injury or a player who is injured  during the kicks from the mark cannot be forced to take a kick if he or she is too injured  to do so. However, once that player has declared that he or she is too hurt to take a kick,  he or she cannot change his or her mind and decide to take a kick during a subsequent  round.
  • One coach from each team may remain in the center circle with the initial five designated  kickers. Any other coaches and the remaining players must stay on the sideline.
  • A player who refuses to take a kick (due to fear, nerves, etc.) will have been deemed  to have taken and missed a kick. A coach should, however, be given  reasonable time (not to exceed two minute) to try and encourage a player to take the kick. The referee  should time this time and inform the coach when the period has  begun.
  • A coach may substitute for the keeper at any time during the kicks from the mark.  However, once a keeper has been changed, he or she may not be substituted back to being goal keeper.

For Divisions 12U and 10U, substitutions are allowed only at quarter breaks or to replace an injured player. Free substitutions are allowed for 14U. All players must play at least 3 quarters unless injured or where rosters do not allow (for example a 10U team may have a roster of 10 players). In extra time, substitutions can only be made at the beginning of each period. Coaches should not use substitutions as a tactic to delay the match. If, in the opinion of the referee, a team is using substitution to delay the match, the referee may allow for extra time in the match and may apply sanctions for such tactics.

  • If a team forfeits a game for any of the reasons listed below, the score of the game will be listed as a 6–0 victory for the opposing team.
  • Any team leaving the field during regulation play will forfeit the game, and the coach will be ejected, thus suspending them from the next game.
  • Failure of a team to be ready within 5 minutes of the official kickoff time.
  • If a coach fails to play a player for at least 3 quarters (unless it is due to an injury reported to the referee or tournament committee) in any of elimination, quarter, semifinal, consolation, or final games.
  • If a player or coach is determined to be ineligible for that game, or participates in a game when that player or coach was suspended, the team will forfeit any games in which the ineligible player or coach participated.
  • If a team lacks a coach.

All players on 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th place teams receive medals.


No protests of any kind will be allowed.

  • Any serious injury to a participant, or damage caused by a participant, must be reported to the Tournament Coordinator or Field Marshal as soon as is possible. An injury Report is required
  • Coaches must carry the AYSO Player Medical Release forms with them at all times.
  • Players shall not be allowed to participate with any type of cast or splint.
  • In the event of rainout, or postponement due to any other reason, games will be rescheduled for the next available date, if possible.
  • No noise makers (except humans) of any kind are allowed at any field. This includes air horns, blow horns, and bells.
  • The Tournament Committee will settle any issue not provided for elsewhere in these Rules and Procedures. Their decision is final.

AYSO National rules will cover any situation not covered by the rules in this document. The Tournament Committee will have the final say on the interpretation and application of the rules. Always remember, “It’s for the kids”!