Mt Diablo Soccer Association is an all volunteer league.  Every team is expected to have a minimum of two certified referee volunteers designated at the beginning of the season. These referees do not necessarily have to be directly associated with the team (they do not have to be parents/grandparents/siblings), but the expectation is that the designated team referees will be entered in the team’s volunteer sheet and available to cover their matches. Team referees are expected to referee their teams’ games each weekend (until the World Cup where we will look for neutral referees).

In order to ensure that all matches are covered by qualified and certified referees, all teams at 10U and older must earn a minimum of 16 referee points by the end of World Cup pool play.  If teams fail to meet this requirement, they will be ineligible to compete in the elimination stages of the World Cup (10u/12u) or participate in the Area Cup (14u/19u). 


Points Requirements

  • Referee Points are accumulated based on the Referee Game schedule assignments as follows per match: 
    • Center Referee (CR) = 2 pts 
    • Assistant Referee (AR) = 1 pt 
  • Teams must earn a minimum of 16 referee points by the end of World Cup pool play (should be over 10 games)
  • All referee points need to be earned in the team’s same age division or older
  • New Referee Bonus – Team referees who obtain their Regional Referee certification in the current year are eligible to claim 2 bonus pts for their first time as a CR for a match in their team’s same age group.  Email to claim it.
  • Point Gifting – a team may have up to 4 points allocated to them from a non-team referee in the same age group or higher

Earning/Crediting Points

  • Referees must be listed on the Volunteer Sheet to receive credit as a Team Referee
  • Referees should sign up for games on MDSA fields using the Inleague referee schedule, before or after the game (for matches you cover at the field)
  • If you cover an Interplay game (14u / 19u) at an away field, contact to receive credit
  • You do not receive credit in our reporting until you allocate your earned points to your team in inLeague.  Go to Referees menu (in InLeague)> Allocate Referee Points, assign the credit for each game you worked to your team to receive credit.  Please do this weekly so our referee point reporting is as accurate as possible each week.

Referee Point Reporting

The Ref Admin team will publish the first referee point report by team approximately half way through the season (and weekly after that) to the coaches and referees for each team.  You can email with any questions on that report.