Referees are critical to soccer – games can’t be played without them. The referee’s job is to be the official in charge of the game.

But why should you do it? While everyone is welcome, refereeing is  likely to appeal if you:
  • like being involved (you tend to get fidgety on the sidelines);
  • enjoy sports and/or wish you were still playing soccer;
  • enjoy or need physical activity (refereeing is a great, light, regular workout);
  • don’t have quite enough time, patience or soccer skills to be a coach!

If any of these describe you, you should give refereeing a try. MDSA will provide you with the required training, equipment and mentoring to be successful. When you do, you’ll find out that it’s fun! We also need volunteers – “no certified referee, no game”!


MDSA has a very clear philosophy – games are to be a safe, positive, enjoyable, growth experience for children. This is not achieved by adopting idiosyncratic or peculiar rules. Our games follow standard international soccer (FIFA) Laws very closely, with only a few changes to adapt to AYSO philosophies, for example controlled substitution to ensure that everyone plays and, at the youngest age levels, adapting the game format to the physical and mental maturity of the players.

Visit the Referee Requirements page for a full list of all requirements to be a qualified AYSO referee.