MDSA Elite games are now assigned via Diablo Valley Wolves referee admin team.

Diablo Valley Wolves now have their own Group number in Game Officials. All upcoming assignments and communications will be under Group Number 1788. Please follow the steps provided to register on Game officials under group #1788.

Visit the Game Officials. website and follow the steps below to join the new group.

  1. Enter your sign in credentials and click Login
  2. Go to left side of the page under Main Menu (Click + to expand the list of menus)
  3. Navigate to “My Assignors” and click on it to go to the MY ASSIGNORS page.
  4. Navigate to “Join New Group” and click on “Show.”
  5. Group/Assignor Number: 1788
  6. Group Access Code: WOLVES
  7. Then click “Join Group”
  8. Once your access is confirmed. You will be able change default view by clicking switch on 1788 Diablo Valley Wolves. Your view will list as Current on 1788 Diablo Valley Wolves
  9. Go to left side of page under Officials/Personal Info (Click + to expand the list of menus)
  10. Navigate to “My Preference” and click on it. You will be brought to OFFICIALS PREFERENCES page
  11. Navigate to “League / Tournament Preferences” and click (+) button to expand the view
  12. Please checkmark on Diablo Valley Wolves and then click on “Save (Modify Preferences).”

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with Game Officials and it features.

IMPORTANT: To be assigned matches, you must be a 2022 registered official.

Please submit your availability as needed.  Quick steps on Availability:

  1. Go to Personal Info, navigate to “My availability” and click to start the process to submit your availability.
  2. Toggle thru calendar month and click on date
  3. Click on date for upcoming matches and/or tournament weekend here at Diablo Valley Wolves.
    1. Click “Available or Not Available”
    2. Enter your comments on the Notes field as needed
  4. Save your entries to record your availability