Congratulations to all coaches and players who won medals in the 2021 Mt. Diablo World Cup!


1st – England (Coach Rich Watkins and Coach Ryan Carone)
2nd – Germany (Coach Jon Lien and Coach Avik Raichoudri
3rd – Argentina (Coach Geoff Scheib and Coach Mick Rognlien)
4th – Austria (Coach Peter Maclennan and Coach Tracey Collins)
1st – Wales (Coach Mike McNiff)
2nd – Canada (Coach Joel Krupa and Coach Robert Pacheco)
3rd – Jamaica (Coach Laney Cline King)
4th – Croatia (Coach Jeff Seibel and Coach Jacqueline Gollehon)
1st – India (Coach Eric Rose and Coach Douglas Haage)
2nd – Belgium (Coach Alan Dent and Coach Zach Waterman)
3rd – Senegal (Coach Peter Maclennan and Coach Elpidio Perez)
4th – Russia (Coach Uriel Dominguez Guzman and Coach Andrea Cortez)
1st – Ivory Coast (Coach Manny Urteaga and Coach Brian Wolfe)
2nd – Sweden (Coach Cristina Ballard)
3rd – Spain (Coach Rafael Lantan)
4th – Japan (Coach John Davenport)
1st – Portugal (Coach Jon Lien and Coach Lawrence Montgomery)
2nd – South Africa (Coach Nathan Kochly)
3rd – Slovakia (Coach Anna Halverson and Coach Dave Feustel)
4th – Uruguay (Coach Christyna Reyes and Coach Garth Miner)
1st – Iceland (Coach Scott Acevedo and Coach Jorge Aguilar)
2nd – Norway (Coach Steve Randall and Coach Rodolfo Castro)
Teams in bold advance to Area Cup.
Photos coming soon…….