AYSO Area 2C

The 2019 AYSO Area 2C Cup,hosted by PHMSA, Concord and MDSA regions will take place in Pleasant Hill, Martinez and Concord over the weekend of November 9th and 10th.  Below is an extract of the tournament rules, a master version of the rules can be found on this link.


Game Cards / Medical Release Forms

  • Coaches supply their own game (Line-Up) cards for all games.
  • Line-Up Cards should be in Numerical Order in either printed or written form but must be completed and presented to the field marshals during check in.  
  • Coaches must have Player Medical Forms at each game.  Medical forms in electronic format from Blue Sombrero are accepted and must be shown from the coach’s phone.  Printed medical forms are suggested.
  • Teams must check in prior to each game with the field marshals at all fields.  
  • No guest players allowed, only players listed on roster signed by the Regional Commissioner.  (if a team is caught using players NOT on their signed roster, the team will be automatically removed from the tournament)

Player Participation

  1. Per Area 2C rules, all players must play 3/4 of a game before any player plays 4 quarters.  
  2. Playing time is balanced over duration of the tournament as long as the bullet #1 is followed correctly.
    • Teams not following the rules as noted in bullets #1 and #2 in bracket play will be penalized 2 points from the standings for each infraction.  
    • Teams not following the rules as noted in bullets #1 and #2 in the semi’s or finals will be automatically disqualified.  
      • Note: Injuries may change the course of play time and must be considered when evaluating time by the referee and coach. 
  3. Keeper Play (per player)
    • 10U – Half a Game only.
    • 12U – Can play 3/4 in goal but must play a quarter on the field.  This scenario should only happen if the team is playing with less than the max roster of 12 players.  Keeper can only play half a game if the team has full roster.
    • 14U – Keeper can play a full game. 

Coach Participation

  1. *Area 2C does not require the head or assistant coach to have a specific coach certification. 
  2. *Area 2C allows up to 3 coaches in the technical area during a game.
  3. Area 2C does require coaches manage their sidelines and expects parents to adhere to a coach’s request if asked to calm down or leave the field depending upon the situation.

NOTE: *Teams that move onto the Section and or the State Tournaments are required to have specific coach certification based on age group (head and assistant) and only 2 coaches are allowed on a sideline during a game.

Field Contact Info

  • PHMSA –  Jeremiah Hiles @ 925-719-2206
  • MDSA – Eric Sandoz 925-984-9039
  • Concord –  Mario Avila @  415-876-7801

Tournament Organizer (Emergency Contact Only)

  • Dave Killeen @ 925-207-4297

Point System 

  • Point system as follows:
    1. 1 point per goal up to three goals.
    2. 1 additional point for a shut-out.
    3. 6 points for a win.
    4. 3 points for a tie.
    5. 1 point deducted for a Player or Coach send off, either red card or two combined yellow cards.  
    6. 1 point deducted for winning any game over a 6 goal differential.
    7. 7 points for a forfeit (this is not an earned 1-0 victory)
    8. 8 points for each team for a Double Forfeit.  This is in case no ref shows for a game and the game is called.  See Ref info below.
    9. if a coach is sent off and no other register coach is available the game is forfeited
  • Tie Breakers:
    1. Head to Head
    2. Goal differential +/- 
    3. Subtracting goals allowed from goals scored (maximum of 3 points per game)
    4. Fewest Goals Allowed
    5. Fewest Red and or / Yellow Cards
    6. Coin Flip Area Director (Or Field Marshal in charge of the facility where the tournament is being hosted)
  • A Player or Coach send-off results in a one game suspension.  The severity of the send-off could result in further suspension. 
  • If a player is given a red card for fighting (punches thrown) the player is out for the remainder of the tournament.  

Game Duration (regular):

Age Pool Semi-Finals Finals
10U 40mins 50mins 50mins
12U 40mins 60mins 60mins
14U 60mins None 70mins

Semi-final games that end in a tie will go directly to kicks from the mark.

If the final is tied after regulation, the teams will play two 5 minute overtime periods (no golden goal).  If no goals are scored during the overtime periods, the match will be decided by kicks from the penalty mark. FIFA instructions (Procedures to Determine the Winner of a Match) for the taking of kicks from the penalty mark will be followed. Only the players on the field at the end of the second overtime period will be allowed to participate in the penalty kick shoot-out.

Game Results

  • Game cards to be collected by the winning coach following each game.
  • Winning coach or field marshal (depending upon the field) to text the score to Dave Killeen

All game results to be texted by the coaches to Dave Killeen.  Game results should be texted in this format example: Game #4 10U PHMSA#4 vs PHMSA#2 1-0

    • Dave Killeen @ 925-207-4297
  • Following review of scores, the game schedule will be sent out to the coaches by 8pm on Saturday.
  • Sunday games scores will also communicated to Dave Killeen via text message by the winning coaches.

Rain Out Info

  • If the tournament is rained out on Saturday, the tournament will be cancelled and the Area will determine if field space the weekend of Nov 18/19 allows for a reschedule.
  • If the tournaments bracket play is completed on Saturday but rained out on Sunday, medals will be awarded to the top teams based on points. Tie breakers will determine medal winners if needed.
  • Rain lines:
    • PHMSA, please see the web, www.phmsa.org , under the “Welcome” page is the Fields Condition link.  The web site will be updated by 7AM.  
    • MDSA rainout hotline is 925-326-1799.  MDSA Hotline is usually updated by 7:30AM. 
    • Concord rainout hot line is Concord AYSO: http://www.concordayso.org/

Field Info

  • No dogs allowed on All fields.
  • Teams in opening games will be responsible for field set up. 
  • Teams in last game of the day will be responsible for field take down.



  • Medals will be handed out at the fields following the Finals on Sunday.
  • The Area Director, Center Referee, or a Regional rep will be responsible for handing out the medals to the winning and runner up teams.



  • If only one referee shows up – they should use club-linesperson – positioned on opposite sides of the field from their home team.
  • If no neutral referee show up, then a uniformed referee affiliated with one of the teams may step in, however both coaches have to agree on the referee. Once agreed the game results stand. If one coach does not agree – the result reverts back to the ‘no ref’ situation.
  • Must be impressed upon everyone that NO GAME can be played if a Certified Referee is not in the center.  This would result in the double forfeit (8 points for each team) as mentioned above in the Point System category.