Congratulations to all the teams who participated in the recent AYSO Area2C  Cup.

13 MDSA teams finished in the medals at this weekend’s Area 2C Cup.

Scroll down for video action from 3 key U10 games.

Three 1st Place winners (G10, B10, G12) will now be invited to move on to the Section 2 Tournament in Foster City, December 11 & 12.

1st Place – B10-08 Argentina  (Coach Geoff Scheib and Coach Mick Rognlien)
2nd Place – B10-10 England (Coach Rich Watkins and Coach Ryan Carone)
3rd Place – B10-12 Germany (Coach Jon Lien and Coach Avik Raichoudri)

1st Place – G10-01 Wales (Coach Mike McNiff and Coach Evan Kreutzinger)
2nd Place – G10-07 Jamaica (Coach Laney Cline King)
4th Place – G10-05 Canada (Coach Joel Krupa and Coach Robert Pacheco)

2nd Place – B12-02 India (Coach Eric Rose and Coach Douglas Haage)

1st Place – G12-02 Ivory Coast (Coach Manny Urteaga and Coach Brian Wolfe)
3rd Place –  G12-03 Spain (Coach Rafael Lantan)
4th Place – G12-06 Sweden (Coach Cristina Ballard)

2nd Place – B14-03 Slovakia (Coach Anna Halverson and Coach Dave Feustel)
4th Place – B14-01 South Africa (Coach Nathan Kochly)

4th Place – G14-01 Iceland (Coach Scott Acevedo and Coach Jorge Aguilar)