The regional staff is comprised of volunteers from the local community who are dedicated to helping create the best youth soccer experience possible for all of the families within the region. If you ever have any questions please do not hesitate to send us an email or just come up and talk to one of the staff at any of the local events (we’re the ones wearing the Mt Diablo Soccer gear) – we are here to help!

The Board meets the first Thursday of every month. If you would like to attend or have any suggestions for the meeting, please contact our Secretary.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact any of the staff listed below or email us at

The staff is made up of a board of directors and staff members that support each of the key functions required to run the organization.

Regional Commissioner Eric Sandoz Board Member
Assistant Regional Commissioner – Information Technology Jeremy Amos Board Member
Assistant Regional Commissioner – Competitive Programs Roberto Lopez Board Member
Assistant Regional Commissioner – Communications Kate Laverick Board Member
Secretary Roberto Lopez Board Member
Treasurer Frances Izon Board Member
Assistant Treasurer Frank Gavidia Staff Member
CVPA – Child and Volunteer Protection Advocate Heidi Brown Board Member
Registrar Jessica Moraes Board Member
Assistant Registrar Open Staff Member
Safety Director Kate Laverick Board Member
Game Scheduling Coordinator Josh Curtis Staff Member
Practice Scheduling Coordinator Lily Rezaee Staff Member
Field Operations Coordinator Paul Patterson Staff Member
Uniform Coordinator – Fall, Spring, and Select Kacie Boustead Staff Member
Equipment Coordinator Open Staff Member
Volunteer Coordinator Sally Azarcon Staff Member
Marketing, Advertising and Media Director Kate Laverick Staff Member
Picture Day Coordinator Open Staff Member

Primary Programs (Fall and Spring)

Position Name Board / Staff
Fall Coordinator Open Staff Member
Spring Coordinator Open Staff Member
Mt. Diablo World Cup Coordinator Anthony Campos Staff Member
Mt. Diablo World Cup Coordinator Jorge Cordova Staff Member
5U Coordinator Open Staff Member
6U Boys Coordinator Open Staff Member
6U Girls Coordinator Hana Taylor Staff Member
7U Boys Coordinator Richard Watkins Staff Member
7U Girls Coordinator Stephanie Lawrence Staff Member
8U Boys Coordinator Ashk Naraghi Staff Member
8U Girls Coordinator Cindy Knapp Staff Member
10U Boys Coordinator Joe Lucia Staff Member
10U Girls Coordinator Eric Beaubien Staff Member
12U Boys Coordinator Christyna Reyes Staff Member
12U Girls Coordinator Steve Mitolo Staff Member
14U Boys Coordinator John Bullis Staff Member
14U Girls Coordinator John Bullis Staff Member
16U/19U Boys Coordinator Ray Velete Staff Member
16U/19U Girls Coordinator Juan Flores Staff Member

Competitive Programs (Elite and Select)

Position Name Board / Staff
Assistant Regional Commissioner – Competitive Programs Roberto Lopez Board Member
Elite Program Director Marvin Davis Board Member
Elite Coordinator Ryan Lange Board Member
Select Coordinator Ryan Summers Staff Member
US Club Registrar / Uniform Coordinator – Elite Adidas Jessica Moraes Staff Member
Concord Cup Coordinator Open Staff Member


Position Name Board / Staff
Coach Administrator Joe Davis Board Member
Assistant Coach Administrator Jennifer Morrison Staff Member
Assistant Coach Administrator – U14 and Above Andrew Jackman Board Member
Director of Coaching; Coach Mentor Jose Soltero Staff Member
Certified Coach Instructor Kim Apana Board Member
Certified Coach Instructor Eric Sandoz Board Member
Certified Coach Instructor Heidi Brown Staff Member
Goalkeeper Trainer David Granados Staff Member


Position Name Board / Staff
Referee Administrator Tom Semple Board Member
Assistant Referee Administrator Scott Gallagher Staff Member
Referee Coordinator & Ref Equipment Manager Kevin Parker Board Member
Certified Referee Instructor Jeremy Amos Staff Member
Certified Referee Instructor Franco Brunamonti Staff Member