Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Mother Nature cooperates and allows us to play this weekend!  We need to be prepared to cover all scheduled games.  Pretty good start, but we have some work to do.

  • 19 x 7/8U games with no coverage—time for all team refs to sign up.
  • 7 x 10U or above World Cup and Fall games with no coverage and lots of open Center and AR positions.

The latest points report is posted on the website, and some teams are very close to earning their required 16 points.  Team refs need to pick one or more of those open positions to ensure your team is qualified to advance.DON’T FORGET TO ALLOCATE YOUR POINTS!  Let ref Admin know if you are working any away interplay games or if there are any position changes at game time that are not properly reflected in the ref schedule.

Keys to success this weekend:

  • Read and apply the MDWC rules.  10U elimination games begin tomorrow afternoon and each game MUST HAVE A WINNER.  Elimination games tied at the end of regulation time go directly to kicks from the penalty mark until a winner is decided per the MDWC Rules.
  • Manage the technical areas.  Ensure that coaches, players and spectators remain in their designated areas.  Deal with any instances of irresponsible behavior early.  The sooner you de-escalate the situation, the less likely you will have deal with a significant issue later in the match.  ASK, TELL, REMOVE are your tools.  Do not engage directly with spectators; direct the coach to deal with any irresponsible spectators.
  • Be confident, consistent and fair.  None of us are perfect and mistakes will happen.  Deal with them professionally and move on.

We are still looking for motivated volunteers to work Semi-final and medal round games next weekend.  These will be the most competitive, exciting, challenging and rewarding games of the season and I am confident in your ability to effectively officiate them.  Looking for motivated NEUTRAL referees.  Email ref admin with the games you would like to work.

We have many openings for referees in our Elite games this weekend.  Go to Refscheduler.net and sign up where you can.  Games scheduled at Concord High will be played rain or shine (unless lightning or other dangerous condition arise).

  • How to Log In for Elite Games.   

Have fun out there this weekend and be safe.  Check the rain line after 8 AM (925-326-1799).  If fields are open in the morning, it is not likely they will be closed by the city during the day.  Use common sense, if conditions become dangerous or if significant damage begins to appear on any of our fields, stop play and lets us know.


Your Ref Admin Team