The 2022 AYSO Select Season begins this weekend and we have 6 games on Inleague available for self assign (don’t forget to click “select” as the competition option on the referee sign up sereen, and make sure you are looking at the correct week for current games).  We would like to have some neutral referees covering these more competitive games, but must rely on team referees to ensure that your games have qualified referees for each game.

The schedule is hot off the press and Jason did a great job getting the games posted on Inleague for this weekend.  You can expect changes as coaches work to resolve schedule conflicts.

Be flexible and check Inleague often for updates.  Weather often impact the Select season, so make sure you check the MDSA website or call the rain line if there is any possibility that fields may be closed due to wet conditions.  It can also be cold, especially for early AM kickoffs.  As referees, we always need to present a professional appearance, but we do not have to be miserable.  When needed, BLACK “under armor” or leggings may be worn as well as black gloves and/or hats/beanies.  Sweatshirts or under garments should be worn under your jersey (long or short sleeve), but please avoid wearing hoodies on the pitch.

While I do not anticipate any special rules for the Select season, the section staff will send out rules shortly to ensure all regions are consistent regarding game management.

This is also a great time to schedule your observation if you are working on completing your intermediate upgrade.  Scott or I will be happy to provide your formal feedback, but we need advanced notification.  2 weeks would be great.  Let us know when you are ready.

There are no new COVID protocols impacting our games have been announced as of today.  Use common sense, practice distancing when possible, stay home if you are not feeling well, and notify your coach or MDSA Safety director if you are diagnosed positive for COVID after working with the kids or have had close contact with someone else that is diagnosed positive.

Stay safe, have fun, and be ready for some great soccer!

Your Ref Admin Team