MDSA Referees – a few weeks into the season – very proud to say we have covered every 10u + match with at least 1 referee so far this season – with most matches having at least 2.  Thank you for volunteering and allowing the kids to play on a field with goals.  Lets keep working on full crews for each match and with over 30 new Regional Referees trained this season we should be able to do it!  Please signup for a match or 2 this Saturday and keep the streak alive.

Sat availability of RefAdmin – just a heads up that the folks working the phones are out refereeing (or coaching) on Saturday so be patient with the repliies.  If you need an answer to something quicky – I would recommend the Whatsapp referee group  – click here if you’d like to signup for that.  We promise to get back to you soon after that.

Referee Points – OK it’s time for Referees to Allocate their earned points to their teams.  We will run the first official report and share it our after this weekend’s action.  In order for your teams to receive points, the referees need to allocate them to specific teams in inleague.  Please read the policy for details – but a few reminders:

  • Team referees need to show up on the volunteer sheet as a team referee to earn points (coaches please validate you have the correct volunteers listed including email address)
  • For CRing a match you get 2 pts, AR 1 pt (hint be a CR for more points!)
  • Points can be earned in same age division as team or higher (if you are a team ref for a 10u team, you can referee a 12u match and get credit)
  • Up to 25% of your points can be gifted from a non team referee to your team
  • Email refadmin to claim any of the following points:
    • Working an away interleague match (Concord, Pleasant Hill, etc) – include the match details and whether you were AR or CR
    • New Referees bonus point options (earned Regional Referee badge in last 12 mos)
      • 2 bonus pts for first time as CR in your age group
      • Earn up to 4 pts supporting a lower level age group to earn experience (8u = 1 pt each)

Allocating Points – InLeague Classic / Referee Menu / Allocate Referee Points function. – select the “Team Credited” (your team) and hit save.  Easy button.  Hardest part is making sure you know the team number.  Please do that after this weekend’s matches otherwise we wont have an accurtate report!

Intermediate Referee Class – LAST CALL!  

One week till this class and we only have 2 folks signed up. If you are interested, please sign-up in AYSOU or reply to this email and I can add you to the roster.  We have scheduled an Area 2C Intermediate Referee class which would allow you to referee older games and it is available for sign-up on AYSOU at the following link:

This course is designed for regional referees who wish to improve their skills and upgrade to an Intermediate referee. This course will build on your Regional referee learning and experience and focus on the skills and knowledge needed to start refereeing older division games. This includes: Law 12 offenses and restarts, and Law 12 misconduct (primarily cautions), and Managing Sideline Interactions. You will take the Intermediate Referee exam at the end of the course and success on this exam is highly correlated to studying the IFAB Laws of the Game and AYSO National Rules and Regulations.  It is strongly recommended, but not required, that you have been a regional referee for at least 1 year and have experience as a referee.

The course will take place over 2 sessions and you must attend both for completion:

  1. Wednesday 9/20 6:30-9:30 – Pleasant Hill – You are welcome to bring food
  2. Sunday 9/24 – 9:00-4:30pm – Pleasant Hill – Half day class, half day field session

Have a great wekeend on the pitch!