Greetings MDSA Referees!  Time for another exciting weekend of soccer action!

This will be a shorter note.  We are working through the first World Cup points report which I hope to mail out in the next few days so you and your coaches know where you stand and can game plan how to earn those points.  Also, a plug to allocate your points (in inLeague) to your team each week so the reporting is accurate.

Coverage for this coming Sat 9/17

We are off to a better start this week than last week!  Looks like we only have 3 matches that do not have a referee assigned at the moment (1 each in G12, B14, G14).  Also only 43% of the available spots are covered so PLENTY of space to get some points (or earn some extra points) as needed.

Team referees – please signup prior to Friday and then we will open it up to everyone as we want full coverage of all games every week.

Final Final Referee Gear Pickup

We will be handing out gear to referees from 6-7 this Friday 9/16 at the Boatwright field #3 by the shipping container.  Training completion will be validated before we hand over the most amazing polyester bright yellow shirt your training hours can buy.  Details here –

Uniform Reminder

Please dress the part as the authority figure for your matches.  I have seen a number of people with untucked shirts, socks rolled down, different style shorts, yoga pants, sunglasses, etc.  I would appreciate it if you would dress to impress and wear the referee uniform as designed.  If you are missing some equipment please swing by the container (see above).  You don’t want to let that cool style go to waste!

Also join the Whattsapp MDSA Referee group chat if you are interested – details here –

That’s it for this week.  Email questions back and thanks again for all you do to allow the kids to play every Saturday.

Scott G

MDSA Referee Administrator