We have 6 Select games scheduled this weekend that need referee support.  We always prefer neutral referees for select games. Team referees please sign up as AR’s and allow neutral referees to work the center.  As always, at game time please step in to any open position.  We have a pretty good start for this weekend (and you can always sign up early for next weekend and beyond), but need lots of AR’s.

Please make yourself familiar with the the Select Season Rules.  There are a couple key points for referees:

  • Enter final score and sign all game cards and return them to the coaches
  • 10 and 12U may only substitute at halftime, midway through each half or to replace an injured player.
  • 14U substitutions may occur at any stoppage of play for either team, with the referee’s permission.
  • Cautioned players in any division MAY be substituted at the coaches discretion immediately following receipt of the yellow card.
  • Misconduct reports need to be sent to the Area Referee Administrator (Rick Hultz hultzger@yahoo.com) within 24 hours and please copy refadmin@mdsoccer.org .
  • Have fun out there and stay safe and healthy.

Your Ref Admin Team