The Fall Season is MDSA’s primary recreational soccer program that abides by the core AYSO philosophies to ensure a fun and rewarding experience for all players and their families.  2022 Fall Recreational Soccer Registration NOW OPEN!

Everyone Plays® – Balanced Teams – Open Registration
Positive Coaching – Good Sportsmanship – Player Development

WHEN & WHERE – Fall 2022

  • Registration will open 5/2 via InLeague.
  • Games take place 8/20/21 to 10/30/21.
  • Teams will be assigned during late July, with coaches contacting players shortly after.
  • 10U & up teams will participate in the end-of-season competitive Mt. Diablo World Cup  to determine who will represent Mt Diablo Soccer in the Area 2C tournament before Thanksgiving. Mt. Diablo World Cup dates: 10/15, 10/22, 10/29, 10/30
  • Games take place in the Concord/Clayton area. Fields may include: Boatwright Sports Complex, Highlands Park, Newhall Park, Pine Hollow Middle School, Mountain View Elementary, and possibly others. See our Fields Information page for more details.


  • Teams in the 12U and older divisions will participate in Area 2C Interplay to support regions with smaller numbers of teams within our AYSO Area and to provide a wider variety of play than would be possible within our own region.
  • Area 2C will schedule home and away games for participating regions which may include Concord, Pleasant Hill/Martinez, American Canyon and Delta (Rio Vista). Travel will be kept to a minimum wherever possible; teams can expect 2 to 3 weekend games outside of immediate neighboring cities.
  • Interplay may also involve games against an Area VIP (Very Important Player) team, a program for players with physical and mental challenges that may prevent them from participating on a mainstream team. Our players and families often tell us these are the most enjoyable and rewarding games of the season!


  • GENERAL REGISTRATION (6/1-7/11): The 2022 Fall Player Registration Fee is $150 plus a non-refundable AYSO Annual Membership Fee of $20. Included is a full uniform (jersey, shorts, socks), appropriate size soccer ball for each player, field rental fees, equipment, and other incidental expenses.
  • EARLYBIRD REGISTRATION: $125 plus a non-refundable AYSO Annual Membership Fee of $20 for registrations completed on or before 5/31
  • WAITLISTED (LATE) REGISTRATIONS: $195 for Registrations received on or after 7/12: ($150 + $20 AYSO Annual Membership Fee + $25 Late Registration Fee for waitlisted registration)


  • See the Age Chart below to determine your child’s division for 2022-2023.
  • Players will be placed in the applicable Division based on the calendar year in which they were born. E.g. players born in 2015 will play in the 8U Division, with all players born in the same year; players born in 2014 will play in the 10U Division, with all players born in 2013 and 2014. Players may not “play down” with younger children.
  • 5U & 6U Divisions: 30 minute practice with professional Coaches, followed by 30 min scrimmage; Saturdays only
  • 7U & 8U Divisions: 1x 60 minute practice midweek, plus 1x game on Saturdays
  • 10U & Up: 2x 60-75 minute practices midweek, plus 1-2 games on Saturdays until the World Cup begins mid-October.
  • Please note: we CANNOT accommodate any buddy/carpool/coach requests, due to the large size of our Fall program, and our registration system does not support accommodating specific player/team placements following the principle of Balanced Teams. The only exception to this is the pairing of Coach/Assistant Coach volunteers who request to work together. For more info on volunteer pairings, contact our Coach Admin team.
  • VIP (Very Important Player) Program: MDSA is proud to support our neighboring region Concord AYSO Region 305 in running our Area’s VIP Program for children and adults age 4 and up whose physical or mental challenges prevent them from successful participation on mainstream teams. See Concord AYSO for more information.


  • Players will receive a shirt and socks in their assigned team’s colors, plus black shorts and a soccer ball.
  • Cleats/athletic shoes and shinguards are to be provided by the parent.


  • NOTE: Player Fees include a non-refundable $20 AYSO Annual Membership Fee. If a player is withdrawn before July 11 (the team building player count lock-in date) and any distributed equipment has been returned, a full refund of the Fall Player Registration Fee will be issued.  The non-refundable AYSO Annual Membership Fee of $20 will not be refunded.
  • Click here to use our online withdrawal request form. Refunds may take up to 2 weeks to process.


  • Mt. Diablo Soccer offers a Scholarship Program for local families that may not otherwise be able to participate due to financial need. There is a formal process for requesting and awarding scholarships as we feel strongly that it is important to be sensitive to the needs of our community.
  • Mt. Diablo Soccer is a non-profit organization and is run by volunteers.  Each player’s registration fees help to cover costs associated with uniforms, insurance, equipment, field usage fees, maintenance and upkeep. We encourage families to pay as much of the fees as possible to help Mt. Diablo Soccer cover these costs.
  • If considered for a scholarship, all that Mt. Diablo Soccer asks for in return are several hours of parents’ time, signing up for one of our volunteer duties. The volunteer duties can range from: coaching and refereeing to registration, field maintenance and field marshall duties.
  • Scholarship Request Form (pdf format) may be downloaded, and for privacy reasons should be filled out completely and submitted directly to our Registrar via email at
  • Waiting List Registration means that your player is on a first come first served list (based on date and time of registration) awaiting placement on a team.
  • The ONLY exception to the first come first served rule is the situation where a wait listed player moves to the front of the line because their division needs a coach and their parent or guardian volunteers to take this role.  If your player is on the waiting list and you want to coach a team, please send an email to
  • The following will result in your wait listed player being placed on a team from the waiting list:
    – Space is available on a team in the players division when teams are formed (generally prior to season start);
    – If there are enough players on the waiting list and an available coach which results in a new team being formed (note the coach volunteer provision above);
    – If any players withdraw after the season starts, the available spot will be given to the player at the top of the waiting list.
  • Generally all players that remain on the waiting list after two weeks of games have been played will be issued a refund of the both the Fall Player Registration Fee and the AYSO Annual Membership Fee (a player’s application for AYSO Annual Membership is not submitted until they have been removed from the waiting list).  If a player is removed from the waiting list, assigned to a team, and then withdraws; the AYSO Annual Membership Fee of $20 is non-refundable.
  • If a player on the Waiting list submits a Player Withdrawal Form  they will be removed from the waiting list and issued a refund at that time.



2004, 2005, 2006 19U
2007, 2008 16U
2009, 2010 14U
2011, 2012 12U
2013, 2014 10U
2015, 2016 8U
2017, 2018 6U

This age guide is for games that begin on or after August 1, 2022. Players must be born between January 1, 2004 and July 31, 2018 to participate during the 2022-2023 Membership Year.

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