Hey MDSA Referees – welcome to World Cup Opening Weekend!  This note will cover a few specific things to remember and a link to the rules – which I would suggest you all read and be prepared for this weekend’s matches.

World Cup Referee Points Status as of Oct 12

Coverage for Sat 10/15

As a reminder for World Cup matches, our goal is neutral referees (at least the CR).  The majority of our teams are playing 2 games this Saturday so there are many more matches to cover.  With more matches = more opportunities to earn points for your team if you need them.

We currently have 40 matches to cover this weekend and 28 of them have at least 1 referee so we have some work to do.  Only 36% of the slots are covered at the moment.  Starting tomorrow (Thursday) feel free to sign up for your own matches.  Also, please bring your gear to each match and be prepared to step in as needed so we have a full crew.  I will send another update on coverage on Friday.

World Cup Rules (Pool Play)

Thanks to those that attended our World Cup referee mtg last night.  We covered  the WC rules.  Please review them and email us if you have any questions.  A few things that will be different in World Cup:

– Matches are shorter for pool play and the schedule is packed (both 10 and 12u halves are only 20 minutes this weekend for pool play).  Get there early and check in teams while the other match is still going and be prepared to start the match immediately.  Parking will also be a challenge but guess what – PREFERRED PARKING for referees at our fields!

– Coaches need to sign game cards after the game and CR should deliver them to the field marshall.  If no field marshall put in Knack box.  Also take a picture of the card so you have a record.  Use Country names (not team names or numbers) to indicate which team is which.  The card must have a final score on it.

– Playing time will be tracked as usual on the game cards.  Also track which players are playing GK each quarter.  As a reminder, each player should be playing 3 quarters and no more than 2 quarters as GK with 1 quarter on the field (10 / 12s).  If a team is violating this please email worldcup@mdsoccer.org and attach a picture of the card indicating that as they will lose points in the tournament for violating this rule.

– Field Marshal tents will have coolers with water and snacks for you all.

Next week I will include some additional rules as our elimination matches start (Kicks from the Mark specifically)

Coach Technical Areas / Team Positioning

We do not have a single standard in MDSA for where players and spectators are for the match.  However – it needs to be one of these 2 options :

– All Players + coaches on one side / all spectators on the other side.  Coaches are allowed between edge of center circle to top of the penalty area arch.  One AR should be tracking playing time for both teams.

– Players + spectators for each team are on the same side.  Coaches are allowed the width of the center circle as the technical area (I’m ok if they stay between build out lines in 10u given the smaller center circle).  Each AR should cover a team to track playing time.

The home team is supposed to have the choice of side of the field if one is needed.  Make sure one of these models is followed.  Hybrid models are not welcome.  Also spectators are supposed to be sitting between the penalty areas (no spectators beyond that or on the end lines).  If a parent is hovering on the field coaching the kids kindly ask them to have a seat in the designated area and feel free to cheer the kids on.

There should also be a max of 2 coaches per team with the players.  Check the game cards for names if it is an issue.

Allocating Points – REMINDER

Please remember that your team doesn’t get any points if you don’t allocate them.  Log into inLeague and use the Referee / Allocate Referee Points option.

One last thing to keep in mind for some perspective this weekend and beyond:

  • The FIFA World Cup in November will feature the world’s best players, coaches and referees.
  • The MDSA World Cup will not.  (It’s for the kids.  Let’s allow them to enjoy themselves by keeping the matches Safe, Fair and Fun.). Lets keep some perspective….

Have a great time out there this weekend.

Scott G

MDSA Ref Admin